Corozal Town is in northern Belize just 7 miles south of the Mexican border, and 15 miles from Chetumal, the capital of the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. It was settled by the Mestizo (a combination of Mayan and Spanish heritage) in the nineteenth century by refugees of the Caste Wars of the Yucatan. It has a rich confluence of races, languages, culture, food, and religion.

One of the most attractive and appealing aspects of the town is Corozal Bay. Most of the seaside property in town remains in possession of the Belizean people, and holidays find its grassy shores covered with local revelers picnicking, swimming,and sometimes even boating. There are several public parks on the bay.

Corozal Town has a small town, friendly atmosphere where it is easy to make friends with market vendors, store owners, and even public officials. It has musicians and artists and each month there is an Art in the Park where local artisans show and sell their wares.

In the very north of Belize, about 8 miles north of Corozal Town, you can find the Princess Hotel and Casino and the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. They are part of the Commercial Free Zone.

Nature still maintains its influence in Corozal in the form of animals, birds, and marine life as well as in blossoming trees, palms, and flowers. The bay offers a constant Caribbean breeze that mitigates the heat of the tropical sun, and refreshes even during the day.

The country of Belize is part of the Mundo Maya, an area 500,000 square kilometers that is shared with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the south eastern states of Mexico. Archaeological sites in northern Belize include Cerros, Santa Rita, and Lamanai. You can learn about how the Maya influenced the area and the heritage they leave even until present times. Trips are available to these sites where they have museums, gift shops, and guided tours.

Belize is such a small country, you can have easy access to many locations from Corozal. There are daily boats to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and several flights a day available on local airlines. So you can plan a visit to the cayes for snorkeling or to central Belize for cave tubing or the Mountain Pine Ridge in the Cayo District. And don't forget to enjoy a trip to The Belize Zoo where the animals remain in their natural habitat!


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